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Follow these tips to organize and pack your car with maximum efficiency for the next family road trip:

- Pack items according to bulk and size.

- Pack larger, heavier items on bottom.

- Remember to pack safety equipment for activities.

- Pack lighter, smaller items on top.

- Keep a car emergency kit accessible under a passenger seat.

- Use multi-pocket organizers to keep essential items handy.

- Load bikes securely onto bike rack.

- Keep sight lines clear for the driver.

Whether exploring new cities or visiting relatives, a family vacation can take you to many exciting places, but first you’ll have to clear an important hurdle: packing the car. Learn how to pack the car for a road trip in the safest, most efficient manner by following the simple tips mentioned in this video.

Long road trips generally call for a variety of items to cover the full range of activities you have planned or may encounter. Between suitcases for the whole family, sporting gear (such as bikes), games, electronics and safety equipment (such as bike helmets and a car emergency kit), it can seem like your vacation will be over by the time you finish packing your vehicle. All the while, you may worry if you’re making the best use of space and keeping all passengers safe throughout the ride.

To help make this potentially intimidating activity a breeze, take inventory of all the items your family will need to bring. This will allow you to devise the most effective way to pack your vehicle using the methods outlined here. You may also want to pack your vehicle the night before your departure to avoid forgetting something. When you hit the road, all your luggage and items will be secure and ready to go.

Keep your family safe and secure as your next road trip gets underway.