Learning to drive can be exciting for teens – and nerve-wracking for you. Today’s vehicles include safety features such as anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control to help all drivers stay safe on the road.

As you work to help your new driver safely navigate the road, the latest technology can sure do a lot to help. However, it’s important to make sure your teen is aware of and does their part to avoid distractions behind the wheel. From texting and talking on the phone to eating and drinking in the car, it’s easy to have your attention taken off of the road ahead. When your teen starts driving, make sure to instill safe driving habits by setting a good example and avoiding distracted driving on your own.

New technology regularly becomes available, which can help keep vehicles and their drivers safer on the road. Stay up to date with the latest automotive trends as you shop for a safe car for your teen driver.

If your teen’s car has all the latest technology, it helps ensure the safest ride possible. At the same time, your child still needs to drive safely. Here are the most frequent mistakes that young drivers make.