New Technology, Safer Driving

Emerging auto innovations can offset distractions behind the wheel.


  • Blind Spot Detection - Monitors the side of the vehicle when you approach blind spots
  • Lane Departure Prevention - Implements light braking or minor steering adjustments to keep you in place.
  • Forward Collision Warning - Alerts you when you're getting too close to another vehicle.
  • Lane Departure Warning - Alerts you if you're at risk of straying into another lane.
  • Autobrake - Reduces collision impact by slowing down or stopping the vehicle before you react.
  • Adaptive Headlights - Pivots headlights in direction of travel to help you see better.


With an estimated 660,000 U.S. drivers using electronic devices during daylight hours daily,(1) there is constantly evolving hands-free technology designed to keep them safer. (2)

Voice recognition:

Hands—free tech goes beyond basic Bluetooth with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Each runs a stripped-down version of your phone’s system on your car’s computer interface, allowing you to control music, navigate and communicate by way of voice commands.


Mobile apps can help reduce or eliminate notifications while driving. Some apps even reward you for safe driving behavior.

Drivemode LifeSaver Mojo TrueMotion Family
Blocks text messages Yes Yes
Blocks calls Yes Yes
Tracks mileage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rewards safe driving Yes Yes
Shares location Yes Yes Yes
Sends parent notifications Yes Yes

The best way to prevent distracted driving is through education and awareness; however, new automotive technologies can also help keep you safer.

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