Super commuters – those who travel 90 minutes or more to and from work1 – rely on just the right car accessories to power them through their daily drive. Amica’s own super commuters – adjusters who traverse their territories to serve customers – share their favorite portable car accessories and add-ons that make their commute more comfortable.

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Raising the perfect cup

Tip: Look for mugs with a wide mouth and silicone grip, which make it easier to pour and grab.1

1You Need One of These Best Travel Coffee Mugs for the Holidays, Good Housekeeping Institute, 2018.

The perfect travel mug needs to fall in the Goldilocks, or “just right,” zone.

“Something big enough to hold enough liquid, but still fits in the cup holder,” says Logan Smith, an adjuster in Amica’s Baltimore Regional Office. “Some travel mugs actually keep your coffee too hot to drink. You need one that can vent the drink and cool it down so you enjoy it.”

Smith finds an insulated tumbler fits the bill. He notes the importance of a secure lid to avoid spills in the car.

Take a seat

Tip: Proper lumbar support for your lower back can help decrease pressure on your lumbar disks.1

1Prevent Back Pain While You’re Behind the Wheel, Men’s Health, 2015.

When you’re sitting in the car for long stretches, the compression on your spine, as well as the vibrations and forces from stopping and accelerating, can take their toll on your body.2

Lauren Ajack, a claims supervisor in Amica’s Houston Regional Office, found that adding a lumbar support cushion made a significant difference in comfort on her drive.

“It’s mesh, and it supports my back more than the seat does,” Ajack says.

Power up

Tip: Look for a model that has two USB slots and is Quick Charge-certified for speedy power-ups.1

1Best USB Car Chargers for Your Phone, PCWorld, 2017.

A dead phone battery is like kryptonite to a super commuter. If your car doesn’t have built-in USB slots, then you’ll need an adapter that works for its existing outlets.3

Smith uses an adapter with USB ports that fits into the 12V outlet. “I always keep one charging cable for each of my devices – personal phone, work phone, Bluetooth headset – that I can swap out and charge on the go if something’s running low,” Smith says.

A portable charger can be handy as well, since you can use it not only in the car but also in meetings and over meals, too.

Thinking inside the box

Tip: To prevent sliding, secure containers in place with the bristled part of Velcro tape on the bottom. The bristles will help them stick to the fuzzy lining of your trunk.1

114 Genius Ways to Organize Everything in Your Car, Good Housekeeping, 2016.

Having your work supplies go astray in your car can be a distraction. Nate McCusker, a senior adjuster in Amica’s Concord Regional Office, corrals all of his important items into a milk crate in his trunk so they are easily accessible.

“That way, they’re not all over the place,” he says.

There are many options for containers: rigid or collapsible, plastic or fabric, lidded or open, multi-bin or single.4 Try a few types of containers to find the one that works best for you and your vehicle.

Vision quest

Tip: To protect yourself from sun glare: increase your following distance; keep your windshield clean; and use your visor and polarized sunglasses to help block the rays.1

1Dangers of Driving Into Sun, AAA Exchange, 2017.

Super commuters are likely to fight the sun in both directions of their commute. During the period after sunrise and before sunset, drivers may face a glare directly in their eyes.5

Smith alternates between two pairs of sunglasses, depending on the time of day and year.

“One of them is polarized,” he says. “I also have a pair of prescription sunglasses that I use for night driving. It reduces the glare from headlights from other drivers.”

By equipping yourself with some of these helpful car accessories, you can improve your comfort – and safety – for your routine commute.

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